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Our college is dedicated to promoting and encouraging research and innovation. We strive to create an environment where curiosity thrives and innovation flourishes. We have an active "Research and Innovation Cell" dedicated to fostering a culture of research and innovation among our students and faculty members.


Our vision is to position Govt. Rani Durgawati College as a hub for impactful research and innovation, renowned for its contributions not only to the educational institution but also to society at large.

Our Mission

Nurture research mindset

Facilitate innovation

Promote collaboration

Support skill development

Promote practices and publications

Activities and Programs

Workshops and Seminars

Research Projects

Innovation Competitions

Faculty Development Programs

Student Research Groups


Research Policy

Promote research culture: Encourage curiosity and innovation among faculty and students by organizing seminars, workshops, hands-on -training sessions, etc.

Ethical conduct: Upholds high standards of research ethics and integrity.

Interdisciplinary collaboration: foster partnerships across departments to address complex challenges.

Access to resources: Provide modern facilities and resources for research.

Knowledge transfer: Share research findings through publications and collaborations.

Student involvement: Involve students in hands-on research experiences.

Monitoring and evaluation: Regularly assess research progress and impact for improvement.

Research Incentives: Provide incentives/remuneration for participating in National/International seminars.

Collaboration and Partnerships: Forging academic alliances, industry ties, and community engagement for impactful, real-world research.