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Plants provide an essential foundation on life on earth, therefore in depth basic and applied knowledge of this subject is of prime importance. The college has understood the importance of Botany . Considering the scope and opportunities for botany students the subject includes topics such as, Plant diversity, Plant Morphology and Anatomy, Plant Taxonomy, Plant physiology, Plant Pathology, Plant biotechnology, Plant Embryology and Palynology, Evolution and Paleo botany, Genetics and Molecular biology,Ethnobotany, Pharmcognosy and Plant Biochemistry.


The laboratories are spacious, well ventilated and are equipped with the necessary instruments as per the syllabus by Sant Gahira Guru University such as Dissecting microscopes, compound microscopes, spectrophotometer, colorimeter,centrifuge machine, , air sampler, hygrometer, camera lucida, soxhletapparatus, autoclave, microtome, respirometer, botanical charts and specimens.