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Rules and Regulations

  1. At the time of admission student must be accompained by her mother or father. No boys are allowed to come.
  2. The students seeking admission for the first time should submit 3 passport size photos for their identity and library card.
  3. Fee once paid will not be refunded in any situation. Transfer certificate will be issued on payment of Rs. 20.00 for current year.
  4. Change of subject or faculty is not allowed after the admission.
  5. The students having less than 85% attendance will not be allowed to appear for exam as regular student. There will be no alternative in this regard.
  6. During college time in emergency, if any days scholar post graduate student wants to go out, she has to get signed in her identity card "out going pass" from the concerned Asstt.Professors whose names are given below. This card has to be shown to the gatekeeper at the main gate.U.G. Students shall contact the Principal for this pourpose. In case any student is found violating this rule she will be penalized by the Principal.
  7. The students should take care of their identity and library cards. They shall bring it every day. Fresh card can be issued only on payment of Rs. 10.00
  8. The students are requested to take almost care of the properties of the college and its cleanliness. Any student who is found damaging them will be liable for punishment.
  9. If library books are not returned on the prescribed time a fine of Rs. 2/- will be charged on each book per day.
  10. The students should secure written permission from their parents for attending campus,trekking,excursion, study-tour, picnic and other training programmes.
  11. The students who do not appear regularly in the unit test, model exam and do not perform well, will not be allowed to sit as regular candidate in the annual examination.
  12. Each student has to enroll herself in any of the following associations of the college namely- Arts, Science, Home Science, Sports & Games, N.S.S., Red Cross,Eco-Friends, Cultural committee, Women's Cell, Peace Cell, Core Group, Prayer group and Society on Gender Issue.
  13. If a student due to sickness or any other justified reason keeps absent from the College she should give an application duly signed by her Parents.
  14. The age limit for admission as regular students for graduation is 25 years and for Post Graduation 28 years. It will be counted from 1st July onwards.
  15. Ragging is not allowed in the college. In case a student is found breaking this rule she will be dismissed from the college.
  16. For any official work the student shall come by herself to the college office. In the absence of the student the parents shall approach the Principal along with the needed documents.(Boys are not allowed to come)
  17. If a student has any problem then she can contact the principal along with her parents. The college will try to solve the problem within its limit.